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Kunekune Care

Kunekunes are known as “the grazing pig.” They need plenty of room to graze, or frequent rotation in small pasture.  While less likely to challenge fencing (exception can be sows in heat), electric fencing, hog panels, or other strong fencing is a must.


Kunes don’t root as voraciously as some pigs, but they will use their powerful noses to sniff out roots, acorns, and other treats buried a few inches underground.  During the winter months, supplement grazing with pig pellets and alfalfa hay.  Their food should not be more than 14-16% protein. They especially enjoy fruits and vegetables, including vegetarian kitchen scraps, which should be given in moderation.


Kunekunes need protection from the sun, as well as cold temperatures and the elements.  A barn or other freely accessible building is optimal, but moveable or temporary shelters work well.  Kunes will huddle together to sleep.


Access to clean, fresh drinking water is essential.  It’s common for Kunekunes to use their strong snouts to create mudpits by digging for ground water, or dumping their water trough.  Kunes love a sturdy kiddie pool as great way to beat the heat.

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