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Kunekunes For Sale


Reservations are accepted on all available stock.  Prices vary according to stock.  To learn about pricing, or arrange a visit, contact Slackwater Farm at 717-872-1194.  Slackwater Farm reserves the right to retain any stock for our breeding program.


All intact pigs are registered with the American Kunekune Pig Registry (Formerly the American Kunekune Breeders Association).  DNA verification and pedigree papers are provided.


Packages Available

Breeding Stock: proven sows or boars available for sale to start your own production or breeding program

Breeding Pairs: one gilt/one boar or two gilts/one boar
Bred Sows: sow witnessed to be bred

Companion Pairs: gilts and/or barrows for companions/pets
Feeders: castrated and offered upon weaning as “grow your own” package


Kunekunes are happiest in the company of other pigs.  To encourage companionship, we offer a discount on purchase of two or more pigs.

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